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Last Musician Interviews From Local News Sites from Insiders – 5 minutes read

SoundExchange, similar to the PROs for compositions, collects income for the public performance of music recordings but only for audio-only Internet Radio services including Pandora. The situation is different generally in most foreign countries, where artists can earn performing rights royalties for your ‘public performanceswith their master recordings on television in addition to standard broadcast radio.

Of course, Zeppelin prevailed inside their case, but wasted considerable time and money in the process. On June 23rd, a California federal Jury officially rejected claims that Led Zeppelin stole the opening riff on their hit song ‘Stairway To Heaven,while referencing endless instances of the same progression in earlier examples. Slam dunk case, but one which opened a possible Pandora’s Box of future, frivolous cases, especially in the band’s known good reputation for plagiarism and reliance upon common chord structures and rhythms.

For all of Lowery s moaning in regards to the artist s rights (that may even be read as his rights), he tends to leave the buyer completely out of your picture. You have to presume that scarcity could be the ONLY motivation for doing the recorded music economy to purchase into some of his conclusions, & I don t think that s true. There are loads of examples that disprove this (Radiohead s novel pay-what-you-want experiment, a lot of coffeehouse pricing model experiments, etc). He might ve opened the entranceway towards the conversation about artists rights, but he framed it improperly from the gate, & we re still seeing the repercussions of these.

Streaming services like Spotify are notorious for making tiny, per-play payments. But it seems that none of that matters, because none of this causes it to be to the artist. And now we have proof: here is a copy of Lady Gaga’s contract with Interscope Records, of Universal Music Group, the biggest label on the globe.

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