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Anthony Davis trade: Las Vegas sportsbook took $10,000 Lakers bet three hours before the news broke –

The Los Angeles Lakers Switched into the NBA on its head Saturday evening when they Obtained Anthony Davis at a blockbuster trade with the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Lakers dealt away Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and three first-round picks to pair the celebrity ahead with LeBron James.
The transaction sent shockwaves throughout the NBA and reinforced a new possible power structure in the league. Prior to the transaction, the Westgate SuperBook installed the Lakers in 5-1 to acquire the 2019-2020 NBA title. They were the favorites, just ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers (both 6-1), primarily due to the potential for some kind of major name inclusion this offseason.
They left that movement on Saturday, but until the trade occurred, a sports bettor revealed some clairvoyance. Approximately 3 hours before the trade happened, someone put a $10,000 wager on the Lakers to win the title.
That wager improved the Lakers into 9-2, and the Davis trade improved them farther to 3-1 — where they currently stand. They’re followed by the Bucks in 6-1 and the Clippers at 7-1.
Did the bettor understand something about the trade beforehand? We might never understand, but if he did or not, most casinos restrict the action on futures bets because of this kind of thing. There are generally fewer limits on point spread and moneyline sport bets, but name futures feature lower limits. The Westgate sets their win total limits at $50,000. Westgate executive Jeff Sherman told The Action Network,”I’m sure it had been with understanding, but that is why we have liability limits in place.”
Sports bettors are always on the hunt for inside details. You can find some edges on the injury report also with innovative analytics for a particular match, but with futures bets, a single trade nobody sees coming can swing odds substantially.

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