We recommend that parents use all the official data published on Way to schools Guide as a starting point for more detailed research It is important to contact schools for more information and arrange a visit if you are considering applying for a place for your child.


How can Way to schools help me find the best school for my child?

Search for any school in the Qatar by name or location. See official school statistics in a parent-friendly clear visual format. Get a School Guide star rating to see how a school ranks locally.

How many schools do you include?
We feature information on over 200 schools in Qatar.

What is the Way to schools Guide star rating mean?
This is our own unique rating for each school, ranging from one to five stars. The rating gives a clear and easily understood summary of how well each school has performed in the previous year based on key statistics. The School Guide Rating is entirely based on official data and is 100% objective. Way to schools Guide never alters this rating based on anything we are told by schools or parents. We welcome comments on each school’s unique Parent Review page but this is not used to influence the rating in any way.


Why does a school say Not Rated?
Not Rated means we haven’t rated this school; it is not the same as a low or zero star rating. We only give a school a star rating when it has enough data to rate it fairly.


I can see a school with a missing data field but it is still rated. Is this fair?
Yes. Each type of school has a minimum number of core data fields that is required to activate our unique Star Rating algorithim. A school may be missing one field but still satisfy the minimum requirment to be rated.


I represent a school and we have recently changed our website address, email or telephone number. Can we update our school page?
you can email information to info@waytoschools.com and enclose a telephone number so we can verify your details.
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